Difference between Amylose Amylopectin Glycogen?


The difference between amylase and amylpectin is that amylose is an alpha glucose sugar bonded by 1-4 gylcosidic bonds while mylopectin is alpha glucose sugars bonded by1-4 glycosidic bonds with 1-6 branches. Glycogen stores energy compound.
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Amylopectin is easer for enzymes to get around and break it down. Amylose is a long unbranced chain of glucose, it has a cylinder like structure wich makes it compact so its good
The difference between the three starches has to do with the branching. Amylose does not contain any branching and has an alpha 1,4 bond that promotes the formation of a AmyBecause
Glycogen or animal starch is found in animal liver, muscle tissue. Glycogen is found also in yeast, mushrooms, beans, corn on the variety of Zea mays saccharata.The structure resembles
paraffin is a kind of wax.it is used in making candles.ngawa n namin yan s ip.hehhe.
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