Difference between Arterial and Venous Bleeding?


It is easy to tell the difference between arterial and venous bleeding. If experiencing arterial bleeding, the person's blood will gush out in pattern with their heartbeat. Put extreme pressure on the wound.
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If bleeding is venous, the blood will flow evenly from the wound. If bleeding is arterial, the blood will spurt unevenly due to higher blood pressure in the vessel. Arterial blood
Each type of vessel (artery, vein, capillary) has distinct bleeding characteristics. Arterial bleeding is characterized by spurts of bright-red blood; spurting each time the heart
Venous refers to veins as in blood being carried by veins. Arterial
Hi, Arterial and Venous refers to the origin of the ulcer. Venous ulcers originate due to the veins (in the leg) becoming stretched, with leaky walls and valves. This leads to excess
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