What are the Differences between antiseptics and disinfectants?


The two terms are distinguished by both which government agency regulates them, and the location in which they're used. The term "antiseptic" is a germ killer for skin/tissue/human contact and is generally regulated by the FDA. "Disinfectant" refers
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Difference Between Disinfectant & Antiseptic
People concerned with matters of cleanliness and health hear the words "disinfectant" and "antiseptic" bandied about. They question if the words are different or mean the same thing. There is a difference, although the terms are similar in meaning.... More »
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Antiseptics are agents that are used on living tissue
The significance of antiseptics and disinfectants is how extremely important they are in fighting pathogenic organisms that may cause infections or illnesses. While neither disinfectants
Antiseptics are for use on people. Disinfectants are for use on objects and surfaces.
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Antiseptics are substances that are antimicrobial and are used to prevent infection in the applied area. They are different than antibiotics and disinfectants ...
These are agents or compounds that kill or destroy bacteria. Examples include disinfectants, antibiotics, antiseptics etc. Bactericides work in different ways; ...
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