Difference between Hydrate and Anhydrate?


Hydrate refers to something that contains water. Anhydrate refers to something that does not contain water. The difference between the two is that they are the opposite. One has water and the other does not. People need to have water in them in order to survive. It is said that a person can live without food, but can not live without water. Human and animal bodies contain organs that need to be hydrated in order for them to function properly.
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Hello! The difference is water. A hydrated salt is one that has
A hydrate is a class of compounds that contain chemically combined water.anhydrate is without water.
Hydrates are chemical substances that have one or more molecules of water attached (although not covalently) Anhydrous substances do not have water molecules attached. Just about
This can be answered very simply. a) 7.93 gm data given. b) mass of water is 10-7.93 = 2.07 gm Are you sure the question didn't ask what the value of x is ? If so then K2CO3 has a
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Hello! The difference is water. A hydrated salt is one that has ...
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