How to tell the difference between male & female angelfish?


1. Look at the fish's papilla (or breeding tube) This is a small pink organ on the underside of the fish between the ventral fin and the anal fin. After spawning, the female angelfish will have a larger papilla. It will be more blunt than it is on a
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Difference Between Male & Female Angelfish
Angelfish are majestic and come in a variety of colors. The males and females look almost identical, which makes it difficult to tell them apart. The different sexes have some slight differences in behavior, body shape, and stomach size, but the only... More »
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Well, everyone knows that female brains are better than male brains...just kidding. However, the fact is that females have more x chromosomes than males and the x chromosomes a male
Not True. You can only tell when the fish mature which is about 1 years old. When fish begin to breed their sex organs become visible. the female has a v shape and the male has a
There are no visible differences between the male and female. Only at spawning will you be able to tell the male from the female. A female has a round "tear-drop" shaped
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Distinguishing between male or female among Angelfish is difficult. The males tend to have more rounded cranial features and the area between the ventral and anal ...
You probably won't be able to tell the difference between a male and female angelfish until they begin to breed. The female will begin to grow an egg layer a few ...
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