What Is the Difference Between Soy Flour & Soya Powder?


Soy provides a form of protein for consumers that do not eat meat. Basic soybeans contain all the needed amino acids for building, and maintaining, healthy muscles. Harmful saturated fat is almost non-existent, and soy contains no cholesterol.
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No difference. Soy is American english, soya is Brtish english. Depends on what country you are in. There isn't a difference. They are the same thing. It's not true that "soya&
(soi'ə) n. The soybean. [Dutch. See soy.]
Soy souce and Soya souce is the same thing. Soya is in Spanish and Soy in English.
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There is no difference between soy and soya apart from the language used. Soy is American English while Soya is British English. The word was however coined from ...
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