What's the difference between Wenger and Victorinox Swiss army watches?


Victorinox and Wegner are sister companies. Both supply army knives to the Swiss Army, in a 50/50 agreement with the Swiss government. Victorinox is actually the older of the two divisions and therefore claims the "Original Swiss Army Knife" tag
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1. Position the watch to be adjusted. Place the watch face-up on a flat surface. Position the band above the face of the watch. 2. Remove the pin on the clasp. Squeeze both ends of
Wenger Swiss army knifes are made by Wenger since 2005 until Victorinox, Wenger's rival acquired them but wenger still markets and makes their own Swiss army knifes.
Save yourself the time and frustration and take it to a reputable watch repair shop and let them adjust your band for you. Could be screws or could be pins! Plus if anything small
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