What is in a octopus digestive system?


This page should explain it: http://tolweb.org/accessory/Cephalopod_Digestive_System?acc_id=1993.
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Digestive System of an Octopus
The many varieties of octopus belong to the Cephalopoda family, meaning "head-footed." Ranging in size from a few inches up to several feet in length, these crustaceans earned the nickname "devil fish" among seafarers. Its tentacles are only used to... More »
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An octopus has a digestive tract that's complete and ciliated, with a
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There are two digestive systems in the octopus digestive system. Your first digestive system is the opening of the mouth. Then you have the opening of the anus. ...
An octopus is a mollusk with eight arms or tentacles. It has no skeletal system so it is soft and squishy. It has a beak for its mouth. ...
Two of the hearts are located on the lateral sides, close to the gills. The third, systemic heart, is located on the midline (dorsal to the digestive gland) ...
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