How to dilute glycolic acid?


1. Add 100 mL of cold water to a medium-sized stainless-steel bowl. 2. Add 100 mL of glycolic acid. 3. Mix the two liquids together until blended. 4. Dilute the mixture further if desired. For a 25-percent mixture, mix in 50 mL more water.
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Acid is any class of substances whose solutions are characterized by aqueous which is a sour taste. In addition, the ability to turn blue litmus red. Furthermore, the ability to react
1 Consult Chemical Safety Cards of the acid one wants to dilute. Many of these can easily be found on the internet. Sometimes several cards are issued, depending on the concentration
Sulphuric acid (same stuff, just English spelling) is H. 2. SO. 4.. Diluted sulphuric acid is just H. 2. SO. 4. with water added to lower the concentration. The more you 'water something
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Dilution has several definitions. For instance, it may refer to reducing the concentration of a chemical or an equation to calculate the rate a gas dilutes. The ...
The best way to dilute an acid is to pour the acid in water down the side of the beaker. Your not supposed to pour the water into the acid. ...
To Dilute acid take a beaker full of water and add drop by drop acid into it. For adding the acid don't use mouth pipette to suck the acid and drop it to the ...
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