What Are the Disadvantages of Online Chatting?


When someone is a faceless entity hiding behind a computer screen, then normal guidelines for social behavior can sometimes be abandoned. For example, chat rooms are often littered with people who say things that they would not say in person, no
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The Disadvantages of Online Communication
The Internet has created a means for people to come closer together. Rather than spending money on phone services, people in different states or even different countries can hop on messenger services, social networking or email to communicate. The... More »
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Source: www.ehow.com
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It is an easy way for the elite to control the masses.
1 Stay current with Internet Relay Chat (IRC), Facebook statuses and Twitter updates. Did you know that everything we say to someone via updates on social media sites is a request
From my perspective as a marketing communications professional at a public relations agency, an online communication strategist is responsible for: 1. Creating a focused plan
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The disadvantage include the possible in accuracy. Because when a ...
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