How to do long division with decimals in divisor?


Yeah, multiply by 10 both sides and carry on like this:…. Source(s) keep practicing:….
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When you are doing long division with decimals first write it out like a regular division problem. Move the decimal of the outside number all the way to the right. Then move the decimal
The divisor is the number your dividing by, for an example (345 divided 8) 8 is the divisor. For another example as (2348 divided by 56) 56 is the divisor.
1. Identify the divisor (the number you're dividing by) and the dividend (the number that is being divided into) the final answer is known as the quotient. For example, suppose you
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1. Perform a long division to find a division answer to the decimal. Place the dividend within a division bracket and the divisor to its left. Work on dividing ...
Division with a one digit divisor as with all other division computations yields a quotient. The remainder refers to the number that remains after dividing. An ...
The divisor in a division problem is the number that is used to divide by. 100 divided by 20 equals 5. The number 20 is the divisor, 100 is the divident and 5 ...
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