What Are the Causes of Light Headed Dizziness?


Most often lightheadedness occurs when there is a lack of blood reaching the brain such as your blood pressure drops suddenly. Dehydration, low blood sugar, influenza or a cold can also cause lightheadedness. Sudden changes in position often cause
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Q&A Related to "What Are the Causes of Light Headed Dizziness?"
Being dizzy means everything looks as if it is spinning. Being light headed means you feel faint and sometimes like you are GOING to faint. I have been feeling like this for weeks
Dizzy attacks in practice usually come from the inner ear, although in theory they could come from many parts of the brain. The way to decide is to see what other symptoms are associated
You better not wait with this and go to the doctor. there are many conditions that can cause light headiness and its hard to tell what causes it without proper checkup. the most common
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