Do Banana Trees Walk?


The banana tree cannot walk. This is a common myth which is of South American but it is not factual. However, as the pseudostems of the banana plant grow, it looks as though the plant is moving slightly, whereas all that is really happening is that the actual banana plant is growing laterally underground and sending its' pseudostems up in slightly different positions.
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The plant stands on elevated roots and will actively seek light; it can 'walk' 15cm per year.A banana plant will move across the ground; anything up to 40cm in its lifetime. It is a common myth that banana plants may 'walk' or move as they grow. This myth originates form South American banana plantations, and is a gross misunderstanding of how the banana plant grows. The banana stem exists underground, growing laterally. The plant will grow only up to two pseudo stems at any given time, with several months' difference between them. The position of the pseudo stems' growing site may differ from the original by up to 40 centimeters in the lifetime of a banana plant.
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Phototrophy. The plant stands on elevated roots and will actively seek light, it can 'walk' 15cm per year.
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