What Eats Hawks?


Being a predator itself, an adult hawk is considered to be at the top of the food chain with few natural predators. Other birds of prey such as eagles and owls can and will catch and eat a smaller hawk. Any carnivorous predator will of course make a
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The red-tailed hawk is one of the most widespread species of hawks, living throughout almost all of North America. It will eat small mammals such as mice, moles and shrews. But it
Wolves, Grizzly bears, Mountain lions and humans could eat a black bear.
They eat snakes, mice, squirrels, and rabbits.
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Rabbits do not have prey because they do not eat other animals. Wolves, bears and hawks are the rabbits predators. ...
Hawks do not have many predators, but they are preyed upon by other larger hawks and eagles. Snakes also have the ability to climb trees and attack baby hawks ...
Hawks will eat small fish, rats and mice and even snakes. They have a keen eye and will swoop down out of the sky to snatch their prey up in their sharp talons. ...
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