Do Cats Hallucinate?


In general, cats do not hallucinate, however, there are instances when a cat can be very ill and it is possible that they could hallucinate. If a cat has an eye condition such as cataracts or glaucoma, hallucinations are also possible. Cats have amazing eyesight and see things that human eyes cannot. It is often thought that a cat is hallucinating because it sees something that the owner does not. It could be a leaf or piece of debris floating around in the air that we don't see in the dark that has their attention.
Q&A Related to "Do Cats Hallucinate?"
to imagine a cat with ur own eyes as though it is actually there in front of you , flesh and bones.when its not. illusions, kinda. hope that helps.
Cats should not hallucinate unless there is a problem. If you think your cat is
How to answer this one tactfully? Typically, hallucinogenic chemicals must be introduced into the system, they are not simply 'present' Not for you, nor for your cat. Not so sure
chown. said: 4. I cannot comment on "why" your father is having these visions, I can however suggest that he drink "chaga" tea. It is readily available on the
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