Do Chinese Hamsters Have to Eat Nuts?


No Chinese hamsters doesn’t have to eat nuts,nuts are very high in fat, so they shouldn't be given more than once every 2 weeksish, leave the shells on though, because its good for their teeth to try and chew through the shell, then it is also a treat for your hammy . They really like dog bones are treats, they are hard so it helps them with their need to gnaw, and its a nice treat for your hammy. For their everyday diet, don't give them vegetables and fruits everyday, because it can upset their digestive system and give them bad diarrhea, instead fruits and veggies should remain a once a week type of thing. Their favorite foods are foods native to their dry habitat, like seeds, cereals, nuts, but make sure that it's natural seeds - no roasting or salt, and that the cereal isn't sugary. Hamsters are rodents belonging to the subfamily Cricetinae. The subfamily contains about 18 species, classified in six or seven genus|genera.
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Hamsters like to eat walnuts and peanuts (unsalted, of course! At least that's what I've found =
Dwarf hamsters are not picky eaters and will consume almost anything. They
DO NOT feed: Fish (ok to eat but will make your hamster smell very unpleasant) Almonds (contains Cyanic Acid) Apple pips / seeds (contain arsenic) Canned food (usually too much sugar
Usually a lot of animals are stressed due to their new home but you shouldn't be worried about it unless they don't eat tomorrow but try to get him to drink at least Source(s): Work
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Hamsters can be fed certain types of nuts like cashew nuts, walnuts and hazelnuts. Other foods that they can indulge in are carrot cake, boiled egg, grapes, cucumber ...
Chinese and other dwarf hamsters need to have a diet low in sugar to avoid diabetes, which commonly occurs in these smaller hamsters. Chinese Dwarf hamsters can ...
Hamsters eat a variety of foods. They eat a lot of dehydrated foods, fruits, nuts, and vegatables. In the wild, they will consume a lot of wheat, nuts, and small ...
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