Do Dolphins Lay Eggs?


Dolphins do not lay eggs. They are mammals and they give birth to a calf dolphin. The birth takes place near the bottom of the water when the mother is swimming fast and in a circular motion.
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Dolphins do NOT lay eggs they give birth to live young and, like all mammals, they nurse their babies. 2nd Answer: Wait! It turns out the dolphins DO lay eggs in protected places
Well, ducks are considered 'grown up' at about 2 years old, and if the enviroment is right, and their eating habits are good, they shouls start laying eggs about then.
To mate and produce eggs, a male dragonfly pulls his tail in and disperses his sperm onto another reproductive organ near the base of his abdomen. The male locks onto the female dragonfly
Chickens were domesticated from Red Jungle Fowl. Jungle Fowl, obviously, lay far fewer eggs than do domestic chickens, which have spent thousands of years being bred for egg-laying
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