Do I Live in an Area with Hard Water?


You will know you live in a hard water area if for example you end up with furred up kettles that suck up energy and take an age to boil. If this does not happen then you live in a soft water area.
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Advantages: 1. More minerals in the drinking water. 2. More minerals to fertilize plants. 3. Some people prefer the taste of hard water. 4. Hard water is thought to reduce the amount
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Hard water areas are the regions where water has high mineral content. If you are living in England, you might be living in hard water area as the drinking water ...
The only way you can be able to tell if you live in a hard or soft water area is by sampling the ground water and testing it for cations. Hard water is known to ...
Whether you live in a soft or hard water area will be determined by the reaction of your water with your household items and even soap. Hard water normally has ...
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