How to Dye Auto Upholstery.?


1. Tape everything around the upholstery that you do not want dyed. Raise the headrest and tape the risers that lift this up as well. Lower all the windows in the automobile for proper ventilation. 2. Use the dye you have purchased for the automobile
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Do it Yourself Auto Upholstery
Auto-upholstery is a bumper to bumper experience, encompassing all leather and fabric inside and outside the car. An upholstery project can be an easy endeavor involving simple tools, or it can be a complicated project involving heavy industrial... More »
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Source: www.ehow.com
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1 Apply rubbing alcohol on a clean white cloth. Do not pour alcohol directly on the stain. Ad
Brake Clean works good for stains like that but will make the interior smell for a few days.
Improving your car isn’t all about changing how it looks from the outside. Don’t neglect your car’s interiors; after all, what matters more than how your car looks
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1. Disconnect any seatbelts attached to the car ceiling with a ratchet. Unbolt the seats from the vehicle interior and remove them from the car. Pull out any worn ...
1. Remove the seats from your car and cut the fabric off of the hog rings underneath the seats. 2. Take apart the fabric with a seam ripper and mark each piece ...
Fixing burn holes in auto upholstery can be done in several ways. You can purchase a kit to fix the holes or you can cut a piece of upholstery to cover the hole ...
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