Does Medicaid Pay for Dentures?


In some states, such as Maine and Florida, Medicaid will pay for dentures. The amount that it pays and the amount of times that it will pay for an individual to obtain dentures will vary with each state.
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Does Medicaid Pay for Dentures?
Medicaid for low-income families offers dental services based on state coverage, age and income. Obtaining coverage for dentures under Medicaid depends on the state that you live in.... More »
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Medicaid pays for pregnant women and children who cannot afford health insurance. It provides medical care including doctor's visits and prenatal care.
1. Shop around. You will find that there is a large difference in what various dentists charge. Search on the Internet or look in the phone book, and contact dentists to compare prices
Every state is different, so you will not get a valid answer from anyone without telling us what state you are in. Some won't pay at all. In my state, I think it's every 7 years,
All sorts of things, which vary somewhat among the States - e.g., experimental care, care that's not medically necessarily to treat a condition or disease, etc.
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Texas Medicaid will pay for dentures if they are deemed medically necessary. Authorization is required. ...
The amount of times that ICP medicaid will pay for dentures for a resident in Florida, would all depend on what needs to be done to the dentures. If it is not ...
The states and the federal government collectively pay for Medicaid. Not all states are required to take part in Medicaid, but those that do receive incentives. ...
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