How to Grow Mint?


Mint is the easiest to grow of all herbs. Mint grows in the wild with no human intervention. Get the type seed needed for the mint you want and plant in an area that gets some, but not full sun. Mint does well indoor too. Plant like any other house
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1. Prepare a garden space. Mint grows well in full to partial sun. Because mint is very aggressive, a mint garden needs a defined area or it will overtake the rest of your garden.
1 Take a cutting from a pre-existing mint plant. Mint is difficult to grow from seed, and it is virtually impossible for some varieties, like peppermint. Cut a sprig a centimeter
There are so many types it would be easier if you did a search for a Mentha Plant as in Mentha arvensis [field mint ]or Mentha nilaca [egyptian mint] etc. I'm not certain if links
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You may want to grow mint in pots since they can take over your garden very quickly. You can grow them from seeds or from bedding plants. Plant in well turned ...
Mint is one of the most hardy plants around, and if you're not careful it will take over your whole garden. That being said, mint prefers to grow in partial shade ...
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