How to Draw a Colored Line in Photoshop.?


1. Press the “U” key to select the drawing tools, then hold down “Shift” and press “U” to cycle through the tools until you enable the Line tool. Alternatively, click on the visible Shape tool, and then click on the Line tool icon in the Options bar.
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If you are using Microsoft Word to create a document, it may help to break up the content into sections. One method is to draw a horizontal line between each group. Simply hit the
I just draw like gray clouds going up.
1 Take a pencil which is not too sharp. Use a medium blunted pencil. Ad 2 Then, keeping your hand steady, draw a straight line. Try not to bend it. Keep on doing this if you can't
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Construction lines are very lightweight. A thin, hard pencil creates lines that are grey in color and thinner than the actual object lines. They have the same ...
To draw line designs you can use pen and ink. Pen and ink line drawings can be quite dramatic, while being simple to create. You can use a bright colored gel pen ...
Drawing with colored pencils is the same as drawing with pencils only some colored pencil are not erasable. Just take the color wanted as the main focus lines ...
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