How to Get Rid of Dry Unproductive Cough.?


1. Add moisture to your sleeping environment. Use a cool mist vaporizer. 2. Increase your fluid intake. Water is best. Avoid carbonated, caffeinated drinks, because they can cause dehydration. 3. Take a cough suppressant and expectorant product as
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Welcome to the club!!! I just went to the doctor for something similar and it turned out that there is something in the air that has irritated my lungs and is causing me to get "
A dry cough can be caused by a variety of things. It may be due to a virus such as the common cold, an environmental factor like allergens, or other irritants such as smoke.
Take hot water with honey and ginger root.
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A dry cough is a type of cough in which the patient does not produce any mucus (phlegm or sputum) when coughing. Patients usually feel an uncomfortable tickling ...
The cure for a dry cough depends greatly on what is causing the cough. In some cases, avoiding allergens or taking antihistamines can cure a dry cough. In some ...
Dry coughs can be treated with a cough suppressant. A suppressant stops your body from telling itself that it needs to cough. Suppressants are sold over the counter ...
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