Dula Dulaan?


Dula Dulaan is a Tagalog work for a dramatic play, or acting scene. It is mainly performed by young kids who are in middle school, and often involves music as well as a narrator to help tell the story. Tagalog is a language that is spoken in the Philippines, and is classified as an Austronesian language. It is also the primary language of Bulacan, Bataan, Luybang, and Manila. The word Tagalog refers to native of or origin. Approximately 90% of Filipinos speak the Tagalog language.
Q&A Related to "Dula Dulaan?"
Well, I think dula is the groom of a. wedding. and dulaan is the bride of a wedding. And the wedding I'm pretty sure is called a shadee.
Library of Manila should have plenty. If not try the University of Manila drama dept. Exit dondi, trapese, stage right.
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