Why are the dumbo octopuses endangered?


Dumbo Octopuses aren't really endangered. They just live so deep in the ocean you don't see them too often.
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Information About the Dumbo Octopus
The 2009 video on the Internet was entrancing. At a depth of 6,600 feet, a strange creature was swimming with ethereal grace as Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata played in the background. It had a large, somewhat bell-shaped head with large eyes. A pair of... More »
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There are around 37 different species of Dumbo Octopus & they can usually be found close
Domain: eukarya. genus: Grimpoteuthis. species: discoveryi.
A Dumbo Octopus, (genus grimpoteuthis), is an invertebrate and therefore is not a fish. The creature is a rare species of octopus that is found in the extreme depths of the ocean,
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Dumbo octopus is a sea animal with ear-like fins that look like the ears of Walt Disney's flying elephant and protrude from the top of its body, which looks like ...
The habitat of a dumbo octopus is in the deep oceans in depths between 3000-4000 metres. The dumbo octopus gets its Disney name from its paired fins that look ...
Killer whales and sharks are some of the predators of the Dumbo octopus. The Dumbo octopus got its name because of the large ear like tissues on either side of ...
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