What are the duties of a saleslady?


A saleslady is a woman that often works in a retail setting and is responsible for assisting customers in making final choices on their purchase. A sales lady's duties include making suggestions on items that will enhance a person's life, check stock for items that are not on the shelf, and to be courteous and kind to all who enter the store. A saleslady will also often be responsible for operating the cash register and checking out customers.
Q&A Related to "What are the duties of a saleslady?"
The duty of a sales lady is simply to sale products. They may walk around the store asking people do they need help with finding things. Or they could try to sell you a new product.
A saleslady would be responsible for selling products or services. Trick question? Source(s)
Arrange the goods in a proper way,give them what they need, be sure the customer satisfied in our service.
assist the customer, arrange the good things in proper way,give the customer satisfaction, inventory everyday.
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