Effects of a Goiter?


The word 'goiter' refers to any enlargement of the thyroid gland. Sometimes this happens when the body is not producing enough thyroid hormone, such as when dietary iodine levels are too low. Medications have also been linked to goiters. In rare cases, a goiter is responsible for more serious effects on the health, especially if it puts a lot of pressure on the esophagus and windpipe. This can result in trouble breathing and swallowing, as well as coughing and a hoarse voice.
Q&A Related to "Effects of a Goiter?"
Goiter is cause by a lack of Iodine in the body. It causes the thyroid to become enlarged.
I am not an expert by all means, however I do Have a son that has a thyroid condition that has been since birth. Since there are several types of this disorder, find out exactly what
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i'm 29 year old and was dignosed to have hyperthyroidsm, multinodular goiter. i havn't started any medications yet. i just found out that i'm a couple of weeks pregnant. i'm scared
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