Who Is the Egyptian God of Dogs?


There really is no Egyptian god of dogs, but there are two Egyptian gods that are depicted as having the heads of dogs. These two gods were Wepwawet and Anubis. Not much is known about Wepwawet, other than the fact that the same image is used to depict both gods. Anubis is the god of the dead, and has been referred to as the Dog of Egypt.
Q&A Related to "Who Is the Egyptian God of Dogs"
Anubus is a god with the head of a jackal, but is not the god of dogs. He weighs the hearts of the dead, in order to determine their worthiness to enter the afterlife.
The ancient Egyptian word for dog was "iwiw" which referred to the dog's
Everyone it seems has given homage to the cats of ancient Egypt, but dogs too were important, both as symbols of gods and as domesticated animals. Certainly they were pets, but it
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