How to Translate Irish Gaelic Names to English.?


1. Contact a native Gaelic Irish speaker at a local Irish cultural center or online for help in translating a Gaelic name into English. Many last names have accepted translations, as do some first names. 2. Go to a Catholic parish office in your
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How to Translate Into Gaelic
Both Irish and Scottish heritages have their own versions of Gaelic with different pronunciations, and frequently, different vocabulary. You might need to translate English into Irish or Scottish Gaelic because you are doing a school project, traveling... More »
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Possibly a variant of Canavan which is Ó Ceanndubháin (black-headed)
The best, and easiest way to translate English to Spanish is to actually know both languages. However, if this is not the case, you can always try some online translation sites to
You must have done your translation word for word with a dictionary but Irish word order is not the same as English. What you have says "You talk harm person at all, Party what
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If you would like to use a free online English to Irish translator, you may visit the site irishgaelictranslator. The site even offers online Irish Gaelic lessons ...
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