Euphemism in a Sentence?


Using the word euphemism in a sentence would be something like this, 'Rodd uses euphemisms when he tells a story to the children.' A euphemism is a part of speech that uses another word to describe something other than the common word. It is also a portrayal of a story such as parable. The story of Snow White is a euphemism for how people who are vain and obsessed with their looks will not always have beauty to fall back on, per the queen's actions in the fable.
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Euphemism is a substitution of an agreeable word or phrase for something which would offend or something unpleasant to hear.
A sentence using the word euphemism is, "He didn't want to offend the child, so he
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A euphemism for "oh my god" is "oh gosh".
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This word means the substitution of a mild, indirect, or vague expression for one thought to be offensive, harsh, or for it to be blunt. This word is used as a ...
There are some euphemism sentence examples to help you better understand how euphemism is used in writing and communication worldwide. One example is, 'Moreover, ...
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