Euphemism List?


Euphemism List is the name of a website. The Euphemism List has a list of different euphemisms on it. There are hundreds and maybe even thousand of different euphemisms on the website. One your click on the euphemism, you will be able to view it and then can add comments to it and let the website know what you think of it. The name of one of the euphemisms is called 'a few extra pounds'.
Q&A Related to "Euphemism List?"
You'll find a few on the following website. Source(s) http://www.euphemismlist.com/.
Toot, parp, step on a duck/loose floorboard, let loose a stinker, trump, let rip, rip one off, float an air biscuit, chuff, guff, make a sky poop, let one go, tummy chuckle, trouser
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