Example of Go Foods?


Go foods are foods that help to give you energy. Children learn that go foods help them to run and play throughout the day. Go foods are simple carbohydrates that provide energy. Examples of go goods are bread, pasta, rice cereals, graham crackers, melba toast, rice cakes, and popcorn. Some fruits and vegetables can be go foods also, such as corn, carrots and potatoes. Some fruits can be examples of go foods such as apples, bananas, peaches, and grapes.
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GO Foods are the healthiest ones that we can eat anytime. Here are some examples of GO foods: Vegetables. Breads and Cereals. Milk and Milk Products. Meats and Other Sources of Protein
Beef and lamb are kosher if slaughtered humanely in accordance with kosher law (also known as kashrut), as are goats and deer. Chicken, duck, goose and turkey are also kosher. Jewish
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"To Go" normally pertain to foods that can be easily assembled, e.g. sandwiches, fruits, salads, etc.*
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