What are some examples of Gothic elements in Frankenstein?


Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus is a horror novel written by Mary Shelley, though it was first published anonymously in 1818. In his pursuit for knowledge, a scientist creates a creature from various recycled body parts, but is unable to control him, leading to disastrous results. While many people incorrectly refer to the monster as Frankenstein, this is actually the surname of the doctor who created it. Frankenstein is a classic example of the Gothic novel, which is a literary genre that incorporates both romantic and grotesque elements.
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Frankenstein contains gothic elements like metonymy of gloom, tragic femals, tyrannical males, supernatural events, overwrought emotion and an ominous dream.
A supernatural event, portent dream, overwrought emotion, and
There are many different elements of the Gothic novel seen in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. First, the setting of the Gothic novel is always important. The setting is meant to evoke
This is pretty self-explanatory. Frankenstein experiments with corpses, particularly by using electricity to cause muscle spasms. Corpses, as you know, are the major theme associated
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