What are examples of a short declamation piece?


There are many great pieces of short declamation. One example of short declamation piece is the 'Gettysburg Address' by President Abraham Lincoln. The 'Infamy Speech' made by President Roosevelt is also a good short declamation piece.
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it can be how many scenes u want it to be. A dramatic piece in my words is a short or long piece played by one or more characters and involves stage directions, props, characters,
To be honest, anything with length would be too difficult. I have seen a lot of books acted out with preschool...for example The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Each child took a page from
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Declamation (also known as Oratorical Declamation or Oratorical Interpretation, commonly abbreviated to "dec") is a public speaking event of the National Catholic Forensic
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