What are examples of binary acids?


Binary acids have two elements. One of them is hydrogen, and the other is a nonmetallic element. Examples of binary acids are hydrochloric acid (HCl), hydrofluoric acid (HF), and hydrobromic acid (HB).
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Binary acids include HCl (hydrochloric acid), HF (Hydrofluoric acid), HBr
1. Start with the rule that all acids have hydrogen (H) as the first element. Examples include HCl for hydrochloric acid and HBr for hydrobromic acid. 2. Understand that there are
Binary Acids. A binary compound consists of two elements. Binary acids have the prefix. hydro. in front of the full name of the nonmetallic element. They have the ending.ic. Examples
An acid in which the acidic hydrogen atom(s) are bound directly to an atom other than oxygen. Examples are hydrogen chloride (HCl) and hydrogen sulphide (H2S). Such compounds are
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