Examples of Orations?


An oration is a type of speech. It is given in a dignified and formal manner. An example of an oration would be the speech that is so well know that was given by Abraham Lincoln. It is known as The Gettysburg Address. The I Have A Dream speech by Martin Luther King, Jr. is another example of an oratory speech. The Inaugural Address of Barack Obama is another oration. Many believe that The Gettysburg Address is the most well known speech in history.
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Try reading some speeches by Daniel Webster for some examples of oration speeches. See link. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.s. "I Have a Dream" speech is an example. See link
An oration is: 1. A formal speech, especially one given on a ceremonial occasion. 2. A speech delivered in a high-flown or pompous manner. So it may be delivered on an occasion such
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Oration is a formal speech given on a ceremonial occasion. It is the style or manner in which a speech is given. An oration is an oral discourse on a worthy and ...
Oration means speaking. An example of a short oration can be something like, all is well that ends well. Some famous people's short oration: 'And so even though ...
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