Examples of Softwood?


Softwood is woods from gymnosperm trees such as evergreen trees or cedar trees. Softwood accounts for more than 80% of the world's population of wood. This is not including the hard woods used since they are found in a different tree. Some woods are harder or softer than others. This is true in both softwoods and hardwoods. Examples of softwood are pine, cedar, spruce and basswoods. Douglas fir and longleaf pine are much harder than several hardwoods.
Q&A Related to "Examples of Softwood?"
All conifers are softwoods.
SPF, and (yellow) pine. SPF is an acronym that stands for spruce, (white) pine and
The difference is between trees that are deciduous (hardwoods) and those that are coniferous (softwoods) Hardwoods. Oak. Ash. Elm. Balsa. Ebony. Mahogany. Walnut. Cherry. Pear. Bamboo
Like the others above said Hardwoods are deciduous trees that drop there leaves every year: examples of trees Aspen, Popular, Birch, Elm, Maple, Oak Normally these trees are shade-intolerant
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