How to Treat Stroke Patients.?


1. Provide medication. There are two options for medication for someone who has a stroke. These can be anticoagulants and antiplatelet agents. Your doctor will know which medication is right for treatment of a stroke. 2. Use a clot buster. Clot
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Exercises for Stroke Patients
Strokes are the leading cause of adult disability in the United States, according to the National Stroke Association. Recovery for stroke survivors is different for each case, but one therapy that appears to help almost without exception is an exercise... More »
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First and foremost is to determine what kind of stroke the patient had, because they are treated very differently: - hemorrhagic or "bland"? - large or small?
Physical exercise therapy in sensorimotor rehabilitation of stroke patients includes active and repetitive exercise and task-specific training. The time spent in active practice is
The patient needs all the rest in bed as well as bathroom and urine in the bed with bed pans. Lots of liquids and help to stay calm. Needs a bowel softner like olive oil Moveing all
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To train to care for stroke patients you should take CNA classes. These classes will enable you to know how to move, feed and dress a stroke patient. ...
There are many different people that will have strokes every year. Many of the stroke patients will have to go to a nursing home to live; their family is just ...
1. Learn all you can about stroke, including the different types of strokes, their symptoms and preventive measures to avoid strokes. Understanding the illness ...
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