What is the Gini coefficient for Chile?


The Gini Coeficient for Chile is 0.50. One of the Highest of the OCDE Countries Embed Quote
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In a Lorenz curve, a measure of the difference between a given distribution of some variable, like population or income, and a perfectly even distribution. More simply, it tells us
The problem with the Gini coefficient is the that the yielding Lorenz
yee, your right - the American dream is dead . You only got to look at the "Income mobility" statistic's (the percentage of people that move up or down from one income class
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The Gini coefficient, named after its inventor Corrado Gini is used to measure the inequality among values. Currently it is used specifically to measure inequality ...
The coefficient of determination is a measure used in statistics to assess how well a model explains and predicts future outcomes. It is the proportion of variability ...
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