Expressions of Congratulations?


Expressions of congratulations can come in many forms and have certainly evolved over time. These days, it is common to 'high five' or say 'DUDE!' among the young folk. Generally, on the Internet, 'grats' is a common form of congratulations, rewarding a mundane accomplishment and commonly used in video games. In the real world, a congratulatory gift or greeting card will suffice to express congratulatory feelings to another. Teachers will award colored star stickers to students to congratulate them for classwork accomplishments.
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Just do it man, if you want to congratulate him go for it. Just make something up it's really not a big deal, say something like, hey man congrats on the success of your website,
To (insert new mummy and daddy name) Congratulations on the birth of your beaultful baby boy/girl, (insert babys name) May he/she be blessed with a beautful life, and be happy and
You say, "Congratulations on your marriage!" If they just got married, it's a marriage! Partnership is a term used because we didn't have access to marriage before (or more
Sans blague!. 'Bon anniversaire!' on your birthday, 'Félicitations!' for winning the Lottery, 'Joyeux Noël!' on Christmas; 'Sans blague', on the other hand, means no kidding
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A congratulant is a person who expresses or conveys congratulation. It entails expressing acknowledgment and joy as for an achievement or good fortune of another ...
A wedding congratulations letter is a type of letter written to express your congratulations to the happy couple. You can let them know your feelings for them, ...
The word congratulator refers to an individual who congratulates. To congratulate is to express happiness or acknowledgment as for the achievement or good fortune ...
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