What are facts about advent?


It is a time leading up to christmas
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Advent Sunday
Sunday, November 30, 2014
Advent Sunday is the fourth Sunday before Christmas, marking the beginning of the Advent season, which ends on Christmas Day.
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It is a story only in my opinion. It stretches credibility to the extreme that someone over a thousand years ago knows exactly what will happen in the future. The story is something
Advent marks the beginning of the Christian year. 2. It is the four weeks before Christmas beginning on November 30th or the nearest Sunday to it. 3. This is the Church's New Year's
Advent (from the Latin word , meaning "coming") is a seasonLiturgical year The liturgical year, also known as the Christian year, consists of the cycle of liturgical seasons
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Advent calendars are named so due to the fact that the doors designed on them are supposed to be opened on each of the days of Advent. Advent cards are large cards ...
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