Who are famous scientist and their contribution?


Albert Einstein and his special theory of relativity and the General theory of relativity
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Famous Scientists
Scientists are people who actively engage in the pursuit of knowledge, using systematic and scientific methods.
Scientist Profiles:
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There are many famous scientists in the society whether they be older scientist or newer scientist. One of which who has become well known is Galileo.
Sigmund Freud (discovery of Integrated Trinity) Alfred Nobel (discovery of dynamite) Nikola Tesla (electricity field) - Slovenia. Albert Einstein (Theory of relativity) Karl Jung
Although Democritus is more properly considered a philosopher rather than a scientist, he was in some ways the father of the modern concept of the atom. Writing around 400 B.C. he
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There are many scientist who contributed to physics. Most of them are popular due to various contributions. The common ones include Sir Isaac Newton with the law ...
Robert Hooke who was the discoverer of the multi-cell, and there are many other scientists all over the world who had done an immense contribution in order to ...
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