What are the characteristics of Fasciola hepatica?


The effects of liver fluke are referred to as fascioliasis, and include. anaemia. weight loss. and sub-mandibular. oedema. Diarrhea. is only an occasional consequence of liver fluke. Liver fluke is diagnosed by yellow-brown eggs in the. feces.
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( fə·′sē·ə·lə he′pad·ə·kə ) (invertebrate zoology) A digenetic trematode which parasitizes sheep, cattle
fasciola hepatica: flatworm parasitic in liver and bile ducts of domestic animals and humans
this is a sheep liver fluke.
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Fasciola hepatica is a parasitic flatworm that contaminates the livers of mammals. The body of Fasciola hepatica is leaf shaped. It feeds on the inside layer of ...
The characteristics of Fasciola Hepatica are; it's a whitish, flat liver fluke parasites that feeds on human and herbivorous mammals. Mostly hepatica is a genus ...
Fasciola hepatica is one of the largest flukes in the world. The adult worm is leaf shaped with the anterior end being wider than the posterier end. It has two ...
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