How to Field Dress Deer?


Field dressing a deer is not hard. It is however very messy. Roll the deer onto its back. Cut the stomach open from the tail to the sternum. I then like to lift the front of the deer up so that most of the guts fall out. Once most of them are out,
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1. Softly grip the bird in the palm of your hand. Very little pressure is necessary to hold the animal. 2. Locate the vent between the legs and pluck the feathers away until bare
To field dress a whitetail deer cut it from the sternum to the pelvic area. Be sure that you don't cut the stomach or the intestines because that will taint your meat. Pull the insides
1 Successfully hunt the ptarmigan. Ad 2 Find the spot just below the head, at the top of the bird's body, where a finger can be inserted into the chest cavity. 3 With one hand, take
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