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Last names are an ancient tradition that came from a need to tell which John and Mary you were talking about as communities continued to grow. To make the processes as easy as possible, the last name was directly related to an occupation or a place.
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The various yellow elements of the flag have specific individual meanings. The eight rays of the sun represent the first eight provinces which rebelled against Spain, finally succeeding
perseverance in Filipino: tiyaga.
Maninang does not bring any Filipino translation or meaning. Do you have any other questions for us?
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Filipinos have Spanish last names because before the coming of the Spaniards, Filipinos have no last names. It is through Governor General Narciso Claveria decree ...
There are many good Filipino last names. Some of the most common are Reyes, Santos, Cruz, Garcia, Torres and Castillo. Others include Aquino, Ramos, Rivera, Navarro ...
The meaning of your last name usually depends on the last name itself and the society in which you were born. Usually, people take their last names from the family ...
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