What is a Second Class Lever?


A second class lever has a fulcrum at one end and force is applied to the other end. Nail clippers, nutcrackers, wrenches and wheelbarrows are examples of second class levers.
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A Class 1 lever magnifies force or distance, and can change direction. To picture a Class 1 lever, consider the seesaw or teeter totter, basically a board centered on a base. The
Pick up a mug with your outstretched hand. That is what a third class lever would look like. For more pictures, please refer to the related link.
Becuse the fulcrum is on the left (hammer) load is on the right (nail) and effort is in the middle and going upward.
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In physics, a first class lever is a lever that has the fulcrum located between the applied force (effort) and the load. A lever multiplies the mechanical force ...
A 1st Class Lever is a type of lever in which the effort is applied on the opposite side of the fulcrum from the load. This levers use a fulcrum in between and ...
Third class levers reduce the distance you need to move the forcing point. It reduces the amount of force applied. The third class lever simplifies some tasks ...
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