What is the structure that covers the gills of the fish?


Operculum: A hard but flexible cover which, in bony fish,
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Fish just like humans needs to breathe to live. Unlike humans they don't have lungs but uses their gills to breathe with. The gills take out the oxygen from the water it has swallowed
1. Locate the shallow warmer waters of lakes and ponds. These areas are where the bluegill come to spawn. Look for the male guarding a spawning bed and cast to him. 2. Cast near fallen
Fish use their gills to extract oxygen from the water. So they need them as much as you need your lungs. The main difference between lungs and gills (other than water vs. air) is
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Fish have gills that act as the fish's respiratory structures. Each gill has narrow vent-like opening covered by the operculum. The gills have blood capillaries ...
The gills of fish serve a very similar function to the lungs of human beings. Gills have an epithelium, which is a group of small rows and columns of specialized ...
gills. ...
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