Five Task of Strategic Management?


The five tasks of strategic management start with the first step of developing a vision and a mission. The next step involves translating the mission into specific objectives. The third step includes the activities necessary to craft the strategy to follow to meet the objectives. Part of that crafting of strategy includes analysis of the economy and the industry, game theory, and other specific strategy methods. Fourth, the strategy must be implemented. The last step involves reviewing, evaluating, and adjusting the results.
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== Develop stretegy ,vision and mission. == == Analyse the internal and external environment == == Refine options and choices == == Plan == == Implement == == Evaluate ==
Balanced scorecard and Hoshin Kanri both seek breakthrough performance, alignment, and integrated targets for all levels.
There are five major tasks, the combination of which, concludes the process of Strategic Management. The first and most important step is to establish a strategic vision- that is
Yes, there is supposed to be that many. It opens one for each task that's running in the chrome window itself (flash players, etc)
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