What Causes Fluid on the Knee?


We all have a small amount of fluid on the knee. The cause of excess fluid on the knee is usually caused by arthritis, an infection and even trauma. If there is an abundant amount of fluid, it can be aspirated, or drained, by your Dr.
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Your knee joint contains a very slippery liquid called synovial fluid to lubricate and cushion the cartilage and bones. This fluid also nourishes and keeps the joint healthy. Symptoms
Synovial Fluid.
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The fluid on the knee is a condition known as knee effusion or swelling of the knee. It occurs when excess fluid accumulates in or around the knee joint. Some ...
Fluid on the knee is a buildup of the liquid that lubricates the knee joint. The causes of fluid on knee include knee injuries. Some knee injuries include broken ...
Fluid on the knee, otherwise known as Knee Bursitis, is the increase in fluid within a brusa of the knee. The brusa is simply a sac that acts as a cushion between ...
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