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There are various footnote symbols that are used. The most common is the dagger symbol. There are various characters that are used as footnotes. Microsoft Office provides for such symbols. There is an option to insert of edit various footnote symbols to use your preferred character. Footnotes are commonly used in Microsoft Word document and this is where citations are normally put in. The symbols show that there is more information that is contained in the footnote.
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Shift 8. The * symbol.
Ibid or Ibid, # (if the page number if its different from the previous entry)
i suggest superscript numbers. but if you insist on using symbols, don't forget to double (or even triple) the symbols. ex: sdgkjugh** it'll take you 2 or 3 times as long to run out
Sorry to disagree with you QM but the term "diesis" in music originally came about after use by Philolaus (fl. c. 400 BC), as quoted by Boethius who used it to describe
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An asterisk is a Symbol (*) used to show up a particular word or sentence, often to indicate a footnote. It also refers to a software implementation of a telephone ...
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